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Destination wedding

Photography: Cynthia Reinke


 My E&M Philosophy

Enamored - being in love in English, celebrating love and the uniqueness of the couple, their story, the challenges and successes of their relationships

Motion - the process of moving or being moved, to bring Love to its epitome, leading love to its concretization

Certified Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer, I offer to harmonize your wedding to infinity, tackling all aspects from venues, atmosphere, colors, decoration, entertainment. I assist you on every detail so that this day is in total adequacy with what you really aspire to.


Located in Provence, I escort you throughout France... yet my skills are not limited to this area. I am constantly on the move, and able to organize the wedding you have imagined, dreamt, wherever you want.

E&M will make you discover the charm of the magnificent landscapes of the Drôme Provençale, Loire Valley, Brittany, Italy, Greece, you choose... and supports you every step of the way in the planning and design of your wedding.


I seek effortlessness and authenticity in everything I do

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Hi Everyone! I’m Estelle, Founder and Lead Planner Designer behind Enamored & Motion! I founded E&M Events after falling in love with the wedding industry for its planning process.

After studies in International Management and Tourism in New York, USA I was able to work with various major hospitality brands on the East Coast. These wonderful years have allowed me to improve my skills in a very demanding field, which is the world of events & luxury hospitality.

I have had the opportunity through my professional experience to integrate colossal projects of construction and conceptualization of upscale, unique, and innovative restaurants.

With my experience in project management, Wedding planner emerged as an obvious path. This profession that I had in the back of my mind for several years as a personal goal, came to me quite naturally.

Fully bilingual in French and English, and proficient in Spanish, I work hand in hand with couples of all origins and nationalities.

I believe it is vital to connect between cultures in order to fully optimize brides and grooms' expectations, to understand their customs and traditions and to offer a service adapted to their personalities and their values.

Today, I am independent and I am proud to say that I am supporting incredible couples in organizing the best day of their lives. I listen, I plan, I propose, I seek, I communicate, I advise, I share...
I combine all this passion that drives me to assist you in achieving this dream wedding.


Wedding stationary

Photography: Cynthia Reinke

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