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Producing refined and intimate weddings

Wedding Provence
Luxury weddings


Enamored & Motion is a premier Destination wedding planning service based in France, specializing in elegant and sophisticated European weddings. Enamored&Motion is passionate about producing intimate and romantic weddings celebrating love across cultures and traditions.

Enamored - being in love in English, celebrating love and the couple's uniqueness, their story, the

challenges, and the successes of their relationships.

Motion - the process of moving or being moved to bring Love to its epitome, leading it to its

concretization by producing unique celebrations.

Enamored & Motion believes it is vital to connect cultures to fully optimize the bride's and groom's

expectations, understand their customs and traditions, and offer a service adapted to their personalities

and values. Fully bilingual in French and English and pro#cient in Spanish, Estelle works hand in hand

with couples of all origins and nationalities, focusing on authenticity and genuine kindness.


founder behind Enamored&Motion

Enamored&Motion plans Destination weddings all

over France, Europe and South Africa, you choose...!

We support you every step of the way in the planning and design of your wedding.

After producing exceptional events in Provence, the Loire Valley, Brittany, and Burgundy, Enamored&Motion works hand in hand with incredible industry professionals, locally and internationally based.


Founder and Certified Planner Designer Estelle Maurizi founded Enamored & Motion after falling in love with the wedding industry for its planning process.

"With a background of 8+ years in Hospitality and event management, I've spent wonderful years in New York, USA, where I worked with various major hospitality brands on the East Coast. These years have allowed me to hone my skills in the demanding event production world. Through my professional experience, I have been able to integrate colossal construction projects and

conceptualize upscale, unique, and innovative restaurants and events.

With that experience in project management, Wedding planning emerged as an obvious path and came to me naturally. Today, I am independent, and I am proud to support incredible couples in organizing the best day of their lives. I combine all this passion that drives me to assist them in achieving their dream wedding."

Founder Wedding planner

"Located in Provence, I escort you throughout France... yet my skills are not limited to this

area. I am constantly on the move, and able to organize the wedding you have imagined,

dreamt, wherever you want."

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