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The day started at the “Grotte de Rochecourbiere”, formerly known as the private garden of Mme de Sevigné. Our lovers took a step back to the past with a unique dining setting surrounded with natural limestone walls and a profusion of vegetation to give a sense of intimacy and secrecy for their love celebration. There the bride, retraced the steps of the Marquise de Sevigne, where she wrote her vows on the original stone table, before meeting her future husband and leading them to their reception table.

Then the lovers moved closer towards the “Chateau de Grignan” where they translated their wedding day into a modern-time love story. Preceding their wedding ceremony, they both climbed their way to meet each other in front of the tower entrance of this beautiful XIIth century castle right before getting their first look at each other. We can both feel in this frame the apprehension and the exhilarating feelings that the bride and groom feel in those moments.

The day ends in front of the “Collegial Saint Sauveur” where our modern couple just exited their church ceremony and can finally express their joy and feeling of wholeness after binding their love for each other.

Founder of ENAMORED AND MOTION, I wanted to craft this design concept to capture the essence of a modern fairytale. The creative vision here encompasses several key elements such as elegant and romantic attire that suggest royal balls. For this we used crystal and golden details accents to elevate the design, making it look regal and grand.

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