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Soft and Romantic Wedding Ideas Set in The Heart of Provence

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

From a Provence Wedding Planner

I recently conducted a Fall inspiration photoshoot at the Historical Priory of Aleyrac- a unique and extraordinary venue- located in the heart of the Provençale Drome. As a wedding planner based in Provence, I wanted to honor the region, its terroir and its history, and decided to carry out this project at XIIth century open-ceiling priory also called “Our Lady of the Spring”, which is surrounded with a magnificent forest of centennial oak trees.

Because the sunlight changes drastically from a minute to the other at this location, I wanted our team to capture as much of the variating hues throughout the day and show how sun rays reflected on the old stone walls of the priory. Our team played with soft creamed tone linens for table setting and blush hues from the organza wedding dress. The whole, highlighted with touches of royal blue from Gladiolus flowers to bring some brightness and liveliness to the ancient Abbaye.

This collaborative work really demonstrate how historical sites can be used as unique wedding venues. I hope this photoshoot will inspire future couples across the world to choose “never thought of” venues, that match their personality, their love story and truly resonate with their souls.

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